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The Cwmbwrla Connections Advent Calendar - Day Eleven


Statistics can be misleading, but not always. Some numbers paint a clear picture, and not a pretty one. 15 million tonnes of food is wasted by the food industry in Britain each year. This supply chain runs from farmers to manufacturers and processors to wholesalers, retailers and food service outlets. 15 million tonnes of food doesn’t complete the journey from farm to fork. It spoils and takes a detour to the bin. Worse, 250,000 tonnes of that wasted food is still edible when we bin it. That’s the equivalent of 650 million meals.

This would be frustrating enough if no one was going hungry, but the reality is that too many people simply don’t have enough to eat. Swansea, for all its accomplishment and optimism, isn’t immune from the problem. In this city there are working parents struggling to feed their children and people on the fringes of the job market struggling to find their feet. We all have good days and bad days, but when your bad days leave you with no food on the table, what comes next?

In Cwmbwrla we believe that what comes next is support. In 2020 Christ Well church became a focal point for the community’s response to the coronavirus pandemic. A group of local volunteers led by Amina Jamal and Adella Pritchard, started an Emergency Food Resource last Spring. The generosity of local people brought renewed stocks and within weeks that generosity was supplemented by official funding. An average of thirty households were supported with food parcels each week for the six months that the EFR was active, 232 bags of good quality, nutritious food were distributed in each of those weekly parcels, benefiting a total of 116 individuals. When good people have their confidence taken away by uncertainty and isolation, someone needs to reach out and give it back to them. In 2020 Amina Jamal and Adella Pritchard did exactly that.

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