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The Cwmbwrla Connections Advent Calendar - Day Fifteen


Every December, American TV network CNN holds an all-star tribute to the unsung heroes of the world. This year’s was held on Sunday night, and it saw celebrities honouring doctors, nurses, firefighters and many others whose acts of courage and compassion have given hope to those around them at a time when it was needed most.

Dawn Baker, a volunteer vaccine tester, was the first person to take part in a Phase 3 clinical trial for the COVID-19 vaccine.

Rahul Dubey gave shelter to 72 Black Lives Matter protesters in his Washington home after Donald Trump had them tear gassed and threatened them with arrest.

Michelle Brenner earned the nickname of the "Lasagna Lady" by making and delivering thousands of free homemade lasagnas to anyone in her community.

In the earliest days of the coronavirus pandemic, when masks, gloves, face shields, and protective suits were urgently needed, employees at Braskem Manufacturing moved into the factory and made it their home for a month. They ate, slept and worked together while producing 40 million pounds of the material needed to make life-saving protective equipment. When they needed a boost, their families and friends organized a parade as a demonstration of their love and admiration. After 28 days, the staff all clocked out together, having produced enough material to make 1.5 billion surgical masks.

These people have been heroes in 2020 and deserve their moments in the sun, but we’ve had our heroes in Cwmbwrla too.

Some of them can be found at Superhero Patrol. This Manselton-based entertainment company has been a continuous source of joy for young people, delivering regular online shows featuring our favourite masked avengers.

Co-founders Jade and Adam Morrissey showed young people that they could have fun even in lockdown, with imaginative, interactive performances keeping them entertained in the safety of their own homes. They haven’t just raised spirits and given busy parents a break, they’ve helped relieve pressure on the NHS by encouraging children and their families to stick to social distancing guidelines.

The CNN TV network has 90 million subscribers. It’s a trusted source of news and when it celebrates the heroes of 2020 we should celebrate them too. But if we’ve learned one thing this year, it’s that our local heroes are every bit as admirable as the people who make the headlines around the world. If we were handing out awards this December, one of them would definitely have Jade and Adam Morrissey’s names on it.

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