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The Cwmbwrla Connections Advent Calendar - Day Four


Many of us will look back on 2020 as a year when we were reminded of the value of good neighbours. You can’t truly put a price on what it means to have kind, reliable people on your doorstep, but a recent survey by the Halifax Building Society has given us food for thought.

Every year British people save an estimated £5.8 billion through the support of our neighbours. Simple favours such as looking after other people’s children or pets, or picking up their groceries, all add up to huge savings that can be used on other essentials.

Not surprisingly, 72% of home buyers prioritise a strong community when making their choice. And a similar proportion of us (71%) confirm that living among supportive people has a positive impact on our mental health and general well-being.

And focusing on 2020, a whopping 40% of us agree that our neighbours have been a major factor in helping us cope with the coronavirus pandemic and its effects.

Everybody needs good neighbours, and some of us are lucky to have very good neighbours indeed.

Today is a landmark birthday for Sharon Clement. She won’t be able to celebrate it the way she wants to because of the social distancing restrictions that are impacting on all of us right now. But we hope she’ll celebrate it in the knowledge that her neighbours appreciate everything she does for them. If you remember the Brondeg street party at the time of the 2011 royal wedding, you’ll also remember that it was Sharon’s hard work that made it happen. When we came out to clap for the NHS last Spring and came together on the May Bank Holiday to keep each other’s spirits up, you’ll remember that no one did more to make her neighbours smile than Sharon. In the decade in between, she performed one unselfish act of kindness after another that made people’s lives better, never expecting any fanfare or any thanks. So we’ll say thank you today.

Everybody needs good neighbours. Happy birthday Sharon.

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