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The Cwmbwrla Connections Advent Calendar - Day Ten


It’s been a cruel and confusing year for millions of people working across many industries, and some professions have been hit very hard indeed.

At the beginning of this year the beauty treatment industry had a turnover of £4 billion in Britain alone, with over 48,000 businesses employing almost 160,000 people. Weeks running into months of enforced closure did nothing to help any of them, and this winter the challenges remain. How do you deliver a beauty treatment in the era of social distancing? It takes a true professional to stay focused and keep working hard for their customers no matter what, and we’re lucky to have one on our doorsteps.

Nariman Tlaigi is the owner and manager of Glitz and Glamour at 63 Courtney Street. She doesn’t just deliver cosmetic treatments; like so many people in this area, she takes pride in making those around her feel good about themselves.

As Nariman herself says:

“When people book a treatment they sometimes ask: “can you make me beautiful”? My answer is simple. You already are beautiful. My job is to remind you of that.”

Originally from South Lebanon, Nariman was living in London when a friend recommended Swansea as a place to live and work. Moving here was a big step, and she quickly realised it was the right one. Our city has a reputation as a place of welcome, and Nariman repays that welcome every day. She gives back to her customers and makes their lives better. Impeccable hygiene standards are observed at all times, and social distancing rules are followed to the letter. If you’re looking for a way to treat yourself in the run up to Christmas, this is a very good one.

Glitz and Glamour Christmas Opening Times

Tuesday 15/12

9am to 7pm

Wednesday 16/12

9am to 5pm

Thursday 17/12

9am to 5pm

Friday 18/12

9am to 7pm

Saturday 19/12

9am to 2pm

Monday 21/12

9am to 7pm

Tuesday 22/12

9am to 7pm

Wednesday 23/12

9am to 7pm

Thursday 24/12

9am to 2pm

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