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The Cwmbwrla Connections Advent Calendar – Day Twenty


It’s been a hard year, and anyone who thought it was going to end with a normal Christmas got disappointing news yesterday.

We’ll get through this lockdown the same way we got through the last one, with cooperation. That will come from individuals, from the leadership of councillors and community leaders, and from organisations with a track record of compassion and support.

While the lockdown was Saturday’s bad news, many of us received something far more welcome from a familiar source.

Roxane Dacey is the Co Op member Pioneer for Cwmbwrla, and her commitment to our wellbeing shines through in everything she does. Yesterday she personally delivered gift baskets around our streets, giving us one final reason to thank her for her work in 2020.

Day after day, Roxane has reached out to people in this part of Swansea and connected us with groups and services that can support our health and development. The Co Op offers multiple learning options for people seeking to improve their skills and employability, and this year their advice on home-schooling has proved to be particularly helpful. Also on offer is good, practical advice on keeping active in challenging circumstances and trying to eat as healthily as possible. Pre-lockdown shopping wasn’t an enjoyable experience yesterday and we can’t always get the food we’d ideally like, but it doesn’t hurt to have a few wise words on nutrition from people whose intentions are entirely good.

And the Co Op’s intentions are clear from their partnerships and policy statements. Prior to Wales’s Senedd elections in May 2021 they’ve set out a list of priorities for the next Welsh government. For example, they believe our government should strongly encourage people and organisations to buy locally and channel resources back into local economies. They believe in giving as many of us as possible access to digital platforms that will stop us feeling isolated and left behind. They believe in giving us access to support when our mental health is fragile and under threat, and their partnerships with organisations such as MIND are helping people every day. They believe in the power of communities to lift themselves up when we make the simple decisions to support each other.

These aren’t political arguments. They are demonstrations of faith in people. Faith in what we can do when we come together. When we cooperate. Merry Christmas Roxane.

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