The Human Library

Life experience is for sharing

The Human Library movement began in Copenhagen at the turn of the 21st century. It encourages us to talk to others whose life experience is different from our own. It breaks down barriers, erodes prejudice and unites communities by recognising that people are our most valuable resource. Knowledge and life experience are things to be treasured and shared. 

There are Human Libraries in one form or another in 80 countries.

Make that 81. We now have one in Wales.
The online library is live and we’re eager to hear from people of all ages and backgrounds. 


Jess Gallivan - Still Dancing

Jess Gallivan is a communicator, a mentor and a role model. She's determined to use her own hard-earned experience for the benefit of others. 


Yulia Serbinovich - From Moldova With Love

Yulia Serbinovich came to Swansea to further her education and open herself up to new experiences. Although her time in the city coincided with the restrictions and uncertainty of two periods of lockdown, she completed her Masters Degree, made friends for life and found a second home by the sea. Now back in her native Moldova, Yulia send us her love and looks forward to her next visit.


Hywel Trick - Everybody Can Do Something

Hywel Trick's altruism and good humour have made him a local hero in Cwmbwrla. He believes we can all lift the spirits of those around us. 


Steve Pearson

Giving Something Back



Memorial Day

Steve Pearson - Giving Something Back.m4
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Steve Pearson is a pillar of the community in Swansea East. He shared his thoughts on his family's deep-rooted connection with the the area 

The first entry in the Wales Human Library marks the 76th Holocaust Memorial Day with a short video in which the people of Cwmbwrla pay their respects.